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Headshot FAQ

Clothing should fit properly and nothing should be too tight or too loose(from the top of your head to the mid chest shows in a headshot) and clothing should be wrinkle free


Avoid logos or busy patterns on clothing  (but since  the background is typically black. white or gray a splash of color looks great)

Avoid showing bare shoulders 

Avoid earrings  and necklaces as simple is best

Hair should be styled the way you like it and beards, eyebrows and nose/ear hair should be trimmed and neat


Most eyeglasses are very reflective and it may take an extra few minutes to get a headshot with little or no reflection in the eye glasses but if you have non glare glass it will not be an issue. 

A makeup artist is highly  recommended but here is a good video for corporate makeup (I do not recommend makeup for men)

Here is a fun and educational video for posing by NYC headshot photographer Peter Hurley 

The final image will be lightly touched up to help you look like you on a good day

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